Welcome to the source for target, field and 3D archery in Alberta.  Archery Alberta, the trade name of the ATAA (Alberta Target Archers Association is the recognized Provincial Sport Association representing archery in Alberta through the Alberta Sport Connection.


Archery Alberta facilitates the development of the sport of archery by providing accessible opportunities for clubs and archers to participate in a broad range of programs across the multiple disciplines to whatever level they choose.

Archery Alberta Annual General Meeting - April 8th at Innisfail, Alberta

Archers this is your opportunity to have your voice be heard to shape the future and direction of the organization.  It will be held on day one (April 8th) after the final shooting flight.  Also for your consideration are the positions that are up for election this year.  These positions are Vice President, Treasurer, Archery Canada Director, Director at Large.


Awards will also be handed out at this event.  These awards include the following:


  • Male and Female Athletes of the Year
  • Junior Male and Femals Athletes of the Year
  • Judge of the Year
  • Coach of the Year
  • New Coach of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Al Woolridge Memorial Award

2017 Coaching Workshops - Save the Date!!

Dates and poster have been released for individuals interested in becoming coaches for either respective clubs or for individuals wanting to broaden their archery coaching base.  Instructor Beginner Coach have three dates set and the Instructor Intermediate Coach has one date set.  See poster for full details.

2017 Provincial Indoor Target Championships -  Central Alberta Archers - Innisfail

The 2017 Provincial Indoor Target Championships will be hosted by the Central Alberta Archers in Innisfail, Alberta on April 8 th and 9th.  Full details and information will be released shortly.  Stay tuned.

2017 Provincial Indoor 3D Championships - SAAMIS Archers in Medicine Hat

The 2017 Provincial Indoor 3D Championships will be hosted by the Medicine Hat SAAMIS Archers in Medicine Hat, Alberta on February 18th and 19th.  Full details and information will be released shortly.  Stay tuned.

Information regarding the 2017 Archery Alberta and 2017 Archery Canada membership fee structure.  Click on the header to open document.  Any questions please direct them to the membership coordinator.

Information package outlining YEAR 2 Coach Development Funding.  It illustrates the funding support available for Alberta Coaches for Multi-Sport Modules.  The Funds come from a Year 2 Grand due to the 2019 Canada Winter Games to support/maintain Archery Coach Development to the Competition Development level.  Click on the header to open the document.

2017 Canadian Indoor 3D Championships - Lakeland Archers in Lac La Biche

The 2017 Canadian Indoor 3D Nationals are being hosted by the Lakeland Archers in Lac La Biche, Alberta on April 14th to 16th.  Full details and registration information available at www.nationals2017.ca.

Click on the header if you want to view the Archery Alberta AGM that was held July 9th at the Provincial Outdoor 3D Championships in Elkwater, Alberta.  Everything you want to know from attendees, minutes, positions, reports, financials and more!

Fred Usher Cup - Back in Alberta!!

After 17 years, Alberta is bringing home the Fred Usher Cup!  Last week at the 2016 Canadian Target Nationals, the provinces and territories squared off against each other to vie for the Fred Usher Cup.  This is an exciting timed, relay team event whereby the coach for each province or territory selects three members, regardless of equipment, gender, and age to face off against the others.  This year’s Alberta team was selected by Tricia Oshiro, who in turn named Aaron Cox, Cole Beres, and Dawn Groszko to the team.


The Fred Usher Cup is shot at 70m and the teams have 2 minutes to shoot 6 arrows, 2 per archer.  An archer is not allowed to “move into the shooting box” until their teammate has completed their shot and exited the box.  A handicap is assigned to each team based on their makeup of members (i.e. whether they shoot recurve or compound, are male or female etc.) and is added to the team’s score after each end.  Alberta competed with a handicap of 7.5.  With the target set at 70m and strong, ever changing winds, they first faced off against Saskatchewan but were extremely consistent and easily moved on.  Their next match was a little closer against Ontario, but again consistency and the ability to rebound from wayward shots won the match.  Their final match was a nail biter against the strong Manitoba team.  Alberta led the way after the first end but dropped behind after the second.  After the third end Alberta was behind by 2 points, but never gave up.  They pulled to within 0.5 points of Manitoba after the fourth end and when it was all said and done, won by 0.5 points!


“I knew these three competitors had the makings to be the winning team”, said Oshiro.  “They had the skill, but more importantly, they each had the ability to shoot strong shots under pressure, with the elements, and adjust their shot sequence if needed due to the time clock.  That’s what makes a winning team.”


Special thanks go to Ann Neumeyer and Kristin Niles for acting as the agents for the team.