Membership Information

Archery Alberta (ATAA) / Archery Canada (AC) Membership Fees

  • Membership with an Archery Alberta Affiliated Club:
  • Junior Archery Alberta fee – $13.00 + AC – $25.00 = $38.00
  • Senior Archery Alberta fee – $18.00 + AC – $25.00 = $43.00
  • Family Archery Alberta fee – $44.00 + AC – $68.00 = $112.00

*Please contact your club membership coordinator to purchase membership. Membership is a privilege. Please check our AA Bylaws for more information on Membership. 


  • Membership – Individual not affiliated with an Archery Alberta Club:
  • Junior Archery Alberta fee – $16.00 + AC – $25.00 = $41.00
  • Senior Archery Alberta fee – $46.00 + AC – $25.00 = $71.00
  • Family Archery Alberta fee – $79.00 + AC – $68.00 = $141.00

*Purchase Membership Online

*Application form for non-affiliated members - Fillable PDF

Archery Alberta Club Affiliation Fees: $125.00

*New Club Registration Form

Renewals received after September 30 will include the rest of that year (October-December) and all of the next year (January –December).

Starting a new club?

Here is a brief outline of things you need to consider:

You will need an executive board (the decision makers). It may be as few as one or two members running the show but as you grow larger you may need to share the workload. Your executive may look something like this:

President – Vice President – Secretary – Treasurer – Membership Coordinator

Other necessary roles include having a trained safety officer and a trained judge for conducting practices and holding shoots (if your club chooses to do so).  If you have a junior program you need to consider coaches – NCCP coaches clinics are available to members interested in becoming coaches.

 Archery Alberta (ATAA)

The Archery Alberta provides programs and assistance to clubs and its members. Its primary focus is 3D archery (indoor and outdoor), target archery (indoor and outdoor) and field archery.

Benefits of a club joining include:

Individuals, families, and clubs who purchase membership in the Archery Alberta receive the following benefits and services:

  • Membership in the national organization, Archery Canada (AC).
  • Access to all Archery Alberta activities and events and all Archery Canada activities and events.
  • Access to NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) coaching clinics, judging clinics, and technical workshops.
  • Access to additional training and guidance in coaching.
  • Access to a high performance coaching system.
  • Provincial judge training and certification.
  • Eligibility to compete in the Archery Alberta Indoor and Outdoor Championships.
  • Eligibility to compete in the Alberta Winter Games.
  • Eligibility to compete in the trials for team selection for the Alberta Winter Games.
  • Eligibility to try out for special teams (Team Alberta, 3D Championships, Canada Winter Games).
  • Official representation for archery to the government of Alberta (PSA).
  • Access to Athletic Assistance programs from the Sport Services Branch.
  • Eligibility to compete for records at our championship events..
  • Financial assistance for travel to the national championships.
  • Financial assistance for travel to international championships.
  • Regulations governing all aspects of the sport in order that the sport is fair and accessible.
  • Inclusion in Archery Alberta’s recognition program for athlete, volunteer, and coach of the year.
  • Access to all programs offered by Archery Alberta
  • In addition to the above, clubs also receive:
  • Eligibility to request clinics for their members.
  • Eligibility to bid on hosting provincial and national championship events.
  • Guidelines and rules for preparing and hosting tournaments.
  • Eligibility to host a junior program.
  • Archery Canada Insurance: $5,000,000 coverage for both clubs and individuals:

Archery Canada insurance is a primary insurance policy. For more information follow this link:

Archery Canada Insurance Information Page

 Archery Alberta requires affiliated clubs to have all members of their club to hold Archery Alberta/Archery Canada membership for the insurance policy to be in effect. There can be no split with some members holding Archery Alberta membership and other members holding membership to another association  or members holding neither,  just club members.  Each club must have a primary membership and if a club chooses to affiliate with Archery Alberta the described guidelines must be adhered to. This does not preclude clubs from offering additional memberships to other associations however; each member of your club must hold Archery Alberta membership in order for the club to have complete insurance coverage under the Archery Canada insurance policy.  For clubs who have members who wish to have Archery Alberta / Archery Canada Membership they may join Archery Alberta at the non-affiliated member rates.

Once your club is ready to affiliate, you will contact the membership coordinator of Archery Alberta. You will be sent excel worksheets by Archery Alberta that you will use to record your clubs information and membership information. That information is sent back to the and after processing your club is on its way.

To assist you in starting up it is often advised to contact another existing club in your region to get the finer points of running your club. A list of clubs with contact information can be found on this website. Also found on the website is a list of contacts including judge contact, coaching contact and other important executives to help your club get on its way.