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2018 Archery Alberta Executive

A sincere THANK-YOU to the out-going Archery Alberta Executive members who have really donated so much of their precious time to developing this organization and helping it function to be an organization you can take pride in.

Rene Schaub                  Doug McDonagah

Susan Gehlert                Ann Neumeyer

A very special THANK-YOU to the in-coming new members of the Archery Alberta Executive who will add some much needed new energy to this wonderful organization. We wish them continued success and member support.

Jamie Brehaut               Mike Downham

Chris Mella                     Tricia Oshiro

A super THANK-YOU to the volunteers who give so selflessly of their time and expertise and allowed their names to stand and stay on the Archery Alberta Executive. Their support provides a balance of old and new members on the Executive that should keep the organization on a steady course into the future.

Walter Wiley                  Angela Wiley               Jude Hooey                Jayena Collins

Milan Skrecek                Cassie Corbin              Marina Anderson      Cory Smandych

Members of Archery Alberta please continue to support these individuals who work tirelessly to help guide this organization and sport for the benefit of all!


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2017 Archery Alberta Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2017 Archery Alberta Awards that were awarded this past weekend after the 2018 Indoor Target Provincials.

The following is a list of awards and winners:

Junior Female Athlete of the Year – Riley Downham

Junior Male Athlete of the Year – Cole Beres

Female Athlete of the Year – Ann Neumeyer

Male Athlete of the Year – Cory Smandych

New Coach of the Year – Dylan Upshall

Coach of the Year – Walter Wiley

Judge of the Year – Angela Wiley

Volunteer of the Year – Renamed the Rene and Pauline Schaub Volunteer of the Year – Susan Gehlert

Al Woolrich Memorial Award (3D Archer) – to be awarded at the 2018 Outdoor 3D Provincials

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Club Assistance Program

Archery Alberta Club Assistance Program information. This program is available to all Alberta Clubs affiliated with Archery Alberta.  We invite you to read the Club Assistance Program Policy and if your club is interested in applying, print off the application, fill it in and send it via email to:

President – Walter Wiley

Treasurer – Jude Hooey