Recurve Training Camp

The Archery Alberta Recurve Camp was a huge success; all participants came away with an abundance of information.  The passion and love Dr. Soha Mahmoud has for archery is out of this world and infectious and seen as she shared her knowledge and experience with everyone.  She took time with each athlete, coach, and parent many times throughout the weekend; explaining, demonstrating and answering all questions, even personally thanking each participant personally for coming.   Athletes, coaches and yes parents came away with an incredible amount of knowledge, from form, to tuning, then a few shooting challenges thrown in to earn prizes.   It was great to get some parent training in, as some of these athletes don’t always have easy access to a coach, so having eyes on the ground where they train is a huge bonus.  The Camp started Friday Sep 2 @ 6pm and on Sun Sep 4 @ 1:30.    Was it too short…yes; information overload… yep; were muscles sore…definitely yes; did everyone have fun…oh heck YES.