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Archery Alberta Shoot Results

Annually, Archery Alberta (ATAA) strives to achieve four (4) Provincial Championships:

Indoor 3D Provincial Championships

This two day event is normally held in March or April and consists of two or three, 20 target courses.

Indoor Target Provincial Championships

Normally held in March or April, this event is over two days and consists of two FITA 1 (600 rounds).

Outdoor 3D Provincial Championships

This event is normally held in late June, July or early August and prior to Archery Canada 3D Nationals. It is a two day event consisting of 3 or 4, 20 target courses.

Outdoor Target Provincial Championships

This is a two day event normally held in August or September. Day one consists of a WA double 720 and day two consists of a WA Field round of 24 targets and held in conjunction with the Target Championships.


Participation by all archers is welcome. Eligibility for awards and ranking is however limited to Archery Alberta (ATAA) members only (in good standing prior to the commencement of the given event). All other participants will be considered guests (in Target) or noncompetitive (in 3D). All events will utilize Archery Canada Rules and normally be AC “Registered” shoots.  Prior to each event, all participants are encouraged to review the rules relative to their event and equipment class (available from the Archery Canada website at

Bids from clubs wishing to host a Provincial Championship will normally be received by the Archery Alberta (ATAA) Executive in advance of the Indoor Target Provincial Championships and be voted on by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting occurring that same weekend.

2019 Field Provincial Results

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2019 Indoor 3D Provincial Results

2019 Indoor Target Provincial Results

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2018 Field Provincial Results

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Provincial Records

How to Shoot a Provincial Record:

Step One:

You must participate in one of the following registered competitions:

  • FITA Indoor Round 18M
  • FITA Indoor Round 25M
  • FITA Outdoor Round 720
  • Outdoor Canadian 1200
  • Outdoor Canadian 900
  • Indoor 3D Round

Essentially any registered event, if it is not above it means there is no current record for it, regardless still send it in and a record sheet will be made.  In the records, “Open” class means any registered event and “PC” class means a Provincial Shoot.

Step Two:

You must shoot a score that is higher than the previously set one, according to the records. If you are unsure, the records are all posted below.

After you have finished tallying up the score, get the judge to sign your completely filled out card in red pen (name, date, AC number, hometown, category).

Step Three:

Send the scorecard to the Records Keeper by email. This must be done by 120 days after the competition or the record will be voided.

Contact Info for Records Keeper:

This contact information also works if you have any questions regarding records.

Good luck on your path to shoot an Alberta Record!

 **All records must be shot while in possession of an Archery Alberta (ATAA) membership**

FITA 18M Female Records
FITA 25M Female Records
FITA 720 Female Records
Field Female Records
FITA 18M Male Records
FITA 25M Male Records
FITA 720 Male Records
Field Male Records

National Historical Results (Target Still To Come)

Canadian Outdoor 3D Championships
Canadian Indoor 3D Championships
Canadian Field Championships