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Archery Alberta is the source for target, field and 3D archery in Alberta.  Archery Alberta, the trade name of the ATAA (Alberta Target Archers Association is the recognized Provincial Sport Association representing archery in Alberta through the Alberta Sport Connection.

Archery Alberta facilitates the development of the sport of archery by providing accessible opportunities for clubs and archers to participate in a broad range of programs across the multiple disciplines to whatever level they choose.

Target Archery
Field Archery
3D Archery
Target Archery

Target archery is the most recognizable format of modern archery. It takes place both outdoors and indoors, over distances of up to 90 metres and using the traditional five-colour, 10-ring target.

International target archery includes two bowstyles: recurve and compound. Recurve target archery is included on the Olympic Programme, compound target archery is featured at the World Games and both are included in the Paralympic Games.

Target archers shoot at circular targets which are fixed at specific marked distances. Archers shoot on a level field with their feet or the wheels of their wheelchair on either side of a stationary shooting line. Archers may use longbow, barebow, recurve, and compound bows in target archery. This discipline is also associated with specific targets and rules made by the World Archery Federation. Formerly known by its French acronym FITA, it was founded on the 4th of September, 1931 in Lwow, Poland to set rules and standards for international archery competition.

Field Archery

Outdoor field archers shoot on a walking course – sometimes called a “roving course” – that’s usually wooded. Target distances vary from less than 10 yards to 80 yards (for IFAA/NFAA Field shoots) or 10 – 60 meters for World Archery Field Courses. Target faces differ based on the round being shot.

Archers may shoot field, hunter or animal rounds. In the field round, targets are black and white with a black center; in the hunter division, targets are all black with thin white rings and a white center; and in the animal division, paper targets feature colorful images of animals. In World Archery the targets are black with a yellow/gold center.

Events are usually conducted according to the rules of either the International Field Archery Association (IFAA)[2] or the World Archery Federation (WA). Others may be held under the rules of national organisations such as the UK's National Field Archery Society (NFAS) and the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) in the USA.

3D Archery

An archery discipline in which archers walk a target course in the woods, or through fields – or both.

Think of it like a golf course, where the “holes” are three-dimensional, foam targets that look like various game animals – deer, bears, leopards, antelope, etc. So archers move from station to station, where they shoot at these animal targets at various (known or unknown) distances, in varying settings. It started as a way for bowhunters to practice on lifelike targets in places similar to where they hunt.

Unlike golf, an archer only takes one shot to hit each target. Every “hole” on a 3D course is a Par 1. Points are earned by arrows hitting various scoring rings on the targets. And a typical 3D round is 20 - 28 targets, versus 18 holes. Typically during a weekend/two day tournament a competitor will shoot 3 rounds of targets. This can be any amount of targets from 60 – 80.

There are recreational 3D shoots held by archery clubs, individuals and organizations all over the country. They may or may not be competitive events. Some are held strictly for hunting practice.

The governing body of 3D archery is Canada is Archery Canada and each province in Canada has a Provincial Sport Organization to represent its’ members. Archery Alberta follows Archery Canada and World Archery rules. 3D archery typically runs an indoor season in the winter and outdoor in the summer months.

Holding a Registered Archery Canada Shoot, Target or 3D

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