ASA Tour

Scores after day 1 at the 4th leg of the ASA Tour hosted by Yellowhead Arrow Launchers

Shooter of The Year standings so far.

Shooter Of The Year Standings So far.

These scores are based on the best 2 scores so far. If you have not yet attended 2 events this year you will not appear on this list.

These scores do not include shoot off scores.

Senior Ladies Known has been included even though fewer than 5 ladies have attended 2 events as we expect more than 5 to attend 2 plus The Classic.

Final scores from Leg 2 of The Archery Alberta ASA Tour Hosted by Taber Archers and Bowhunters

Final Scores from Leg 1 of The Archery Alberta Tour Hosted by Stavely Archery Club

2024 ASA Tour Registration

The Classic Elkridge

The Archery Alberta ASA Tour Committee is looking for Volunteers to join the committee.

The positions are:

  1. Assistant ASA Director

Shadow the present ASA Director and work with him to eventually take over the position.

Duties of the ASA Director:

  • Chairing the ASA Committee
  • coordinating the 5 ASA shoots
  • working with clubs on details
  • setting the shooting schedules and stations for each shoot
  • making decisions at the shoots when required (as per the ASA Rules)
  • budgeting and target procurement
  • reporting to the Archery Alberta 3D VP
  • publicizing the events with videos
  • other duties as assigned
  • Assistant ASA Course Coordinator

Shadow the present ASA Course Coordinator and work with him to eventually take over the position.

Duties of the ASA Course Coordinator:

  • Assisting the clubs at the 5 ASA shoots with course safety
  • Ensuring that the courses have the required targets within the specified ranges
  • Selecting the Shootdown targets and preparing the field of play
  • Scoring the targets during the Shootdowns
  • Ensuring that the targets are loaded into the trailers in the proper manner after each shoot
  • Reporting any issues to the ASA Director and assisting in solving any issues that may arise
  • Marketing Rep

      This is a new position on the committee.  The committee is looking for a person to coordinate the

marketing of the AA ASA Tour.  This position may include but is not limited to:

  • Promotional videos and posting pictures from events
  • Seeking sponsorships from companies
  • Assisting with the live broadcasts of the Shootdowns
  • Being a positive voice for the ever-growing ASA Tour
  • Working directly with the ASA Tour Director to promote all aspects of the Tour

If you are interested in filling one of these positions, please email Jamie Brehaut, the present ASA Tour Director, at [email protected].

ASA Rules Tour Posters Downloads

Shooters (and Volunteers) of the Year 2023

Final Scores from The Archery Alberta ASA Tour Classic hosted by Elkridge Archery Club

Final Scores from Leg 4 of the Archery Alberta ASA tour hosted by Yellowhead Arrow Launchers

Final Scores from the third leg of the Archery Alberta ASA Tour stop in Lac La Biche.

More Photos of The Archery Alberta ASA Tour courtesy of Kyle Sinclair-Smith

Leg 2 Hosted by Capital Region Archery Club

Link to Kyle’s Google Drive shared drive at the link below

Final Scores from the 2nd Leg of The Archery Alberta ASA Tour hosted by Capital Region Archery Club.

ASA Scoring Rules Help Courtesy Delta McKenzie

ASA Leg 1 By Matt Piotrowski Photography

Another Tour participant took photos of the XShot Leg of The Archery Alberta ASA Tour hosted by Medicine Hat Archers.

Many thanks to Matt Piotrowski for these great shots.

Head on over to the link above to see the rest of Matt’s photos from Leg 1.

ASA Leg 1 by DropTine Collections

Here are a few hilight photos from the Shootdown at the first leg of the 2023 Archery Alberta ASA Tour put on by Medicine Hat Archers.

Thanks to Kyle Sinclair-Smith for his work, and if you would like to see more of his photos from the Shootdown you can head on over to the link above at Droptine Collections.

Final Scores from Medicine Hat


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