Junior Coaching Program

Junior “Coach in Training” Program: Archery Alberta is developing a Junior “Coach in Training” program for those over 14 and under 16 years of age to introduce them to the coaching stream of archery development. This program is intended to introduce prospective youth into the world of coaching and will gear the program to learning how to coach, professional etiquette, interpersonal skills, Safe Sport and the dynamics of what it means to be a coach. If you are an individual who is under 16 years of age but over 14 years of age and are looking to begin your training into the coaching development stream of archery  we require all participants to fill out and sign the “Parental Consent for Coaching Clinics” form from our website. Those interested in obtaining education and introduction to our Archery “Coach-in-training” program will need to submit a request to the Coaching Chair at [email protected]. The process for the program follows the guidelines as followed in the NCCP Underage Policy for certification.

Disclaimer‚Äč: Those who participate must understand that taking these courses does not qualify those between ages 14-16 as a coach nor will they be classified as a coach. All Junior coaches will be under the new “Archery Foundations” curriculum and will be noted on their NCCP transcript.

Archery Foundations Coaching Program

Archery Alberta in partnership with Archery Canada is pleased to announce the upcoming new development stream for new “Non-Competitive” coaching with the new ARCHERY FOUNDATIONS program being developed through Archery Canada. The new ARCHERY FOUNDATIONS program is designed to introduce individuals who work for summer camps, short term archery events (non-competition), Guides, communities and additional programs to learn the absolute basics of coaching. This new stream will be accessible via the NCCP and will have a lower cost for completion. Those who complete the new Archery Foundations program will have a better understanding of what it means to coach and teach new individuals in the sport of Archery.


Archery Alberta is pleased to announce a new cost scale for coaching certification in Alberta and beyond. All Level 1 (beginner) and Level 2 (Intermediate) courses will cost:

  • $100 for a registered Archery Alberta/Archery Canada member
  • $150 for a non-registered member or for an individual who takes the course from Out of Province

Only registered Archery Alberta members will be reimbursed 100% for completion of the course. Non-registered members or out of province are only eligible for a 65% reimbursement ($100 out of $150) for the cost of completion and must be completed by the province registered.

Competition Development

Archery Alberta is looking to provide a Competition Development course in the coming months. If there is enough interest we will look at running a full CompDev program for those interested. Must have completed at least the Level 1 beginners Certification to register for the Alberta CompDev program

Changes to Level 2 Intermediate Course

In the coming months Archery Canada will be releasing the newly updated stream for coaches which will combine the Level 2 Intermediate course with Competition Development Introduction into a new 1 tiers stream. This new program will be rolled out by Archery Canada when available.

Learning Facilitators Courses

We are always looking for new people to facilitate coaching clinics and programs in Alberta. If you are interested in becoming a certified Core Facilitator for Archery Alberta, reach out to the coaching chair at [email protected] for more information.