Coaching Workshops


Below are additional details on the various NCCP Workshops.

Pre-Requisites: Starting on May 1st 2022 all individuals will be required to take “Making Ethical Decisions” online found at Alberta Sport in advance of their workshops.  This material was previously included in the Instructor Beginner material has now been removed due to the online availability to make additional room available for sport technical information.


Any member of the public can get a NCCP Number and take courses.  There is a benefit however, to taking additional courses after you’re certified within a specific sport as these courses will credit towards your ongoing Professional Development Credits.

Pre-Workshop NCCP #Instructions


By successfully completing the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions training, coaches will be fully equipped to handle ethical situations with confidence and surety. The training helps coaches identify the legal, ethical, and moral implications of difficult situations that present themselves in the world of team and individual sport.

Upon completing the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions training, coaches will be able to:

  • analyze a challenging situation and determine if it has moral, legal or ethical implications; and
  • apply the NCCP Ethical Decision-Making Model to properly respond to situations in a way that is consistent with the NCCP Code of Ethics.

Pre-Requisite: None, however you will need an NCCP # (instructions above) to enroll.

Time Commitment: 3.5 to 4 hours for Online Training, plus approx. 1 hour for the Online Evaluation.

Cost: $45 for online training, Coordinated by Alberta Sport Connection in Alberta.

Please keep your receipts from the MED Course.  For those individuals that Certify after an archery specific workshop (Instructor Beginner/Intermediate, Competition Stream) Archery Alberta will reimburse the cost of the MED course.  A Locker Public Transcript check will be required prior to reimbursement.


This type of instructor teaches basic skills to individuals with very little or no experience in the sport or the activity. They deal with a limited number of participants at a time and focuses on the fundamentals of the activity with an emphasis on safety.

By presenting several mini-lessons and demonstrations, as well as observing interventions during shooting throughout the course of this workshop, coaches/instructors will be prepared to introduce archery to athletes in a variety of settings, including clubs, camps, schools, and other organized activities.

Pre-Requisite: Starting on May 1st 2022, Making Ethical Decisions (previously described above)

Time Commitment: Couple evenings prior to workshop to prepare Mini Presentation(s) and answer case studies, then the weekend workshop (~8 hours Saturday), with 1 Year to complete Portfolio after Workshop to Certify (can be completed in a weekend).

Cost: $100 for Archery Alberta Members or $150 for Non-Members


This type of instructor helps participants refine basic skills and introduces a variety of more complex techniques to individuals who already have some experience in the sport and who already exhibit a fair degree of proficiency in the activity. He/she provides more “customized” instruction based on the individual performance characteristics of each participant and would be expected to manage bigger groups. An instructor working with intermediate archers is expected to be moderately knowledgeable in all matters related to the selection and adjustment of equipment. He/she may also act in a supervisory capacity for coaches working with beginners. 

There are no archery specific pre-requisites for this course, but it is highly encouraged that individuals have taken the Instructor Beginner workshop or have several years in the sport.

Pre-Requisite: Starting May 1st 2022, Making Ethical Decisions (previously described above)

Time Commitment: Couple evenings prior to workshop to prepare Mini Presentation(s) and answer case studies, then the weekend workshop (~8 hours Saturday & Sunday), with 1 Year to complete Portfolio and On-site or Video Evaluation with Coach Evaluator after Workshop to Certify.

Cost: $100 for Archery Alberta Members Only


Tailored for coaches that wish to work with athletes of all ages who have an interest in advancing to competition, this workshop will introduce them to coach education as well as equipment and training issues. They will learn to plan a practice, analyze performance, prepare their athletes for competition, develop practice plans, and promote athlete development.

This type of coach will further refine skills/tactics and work to prepare athletes for lower to national level competitions.  These coaches work more with one-on-one athlete plans and would train athletes on a seasonal basis to improve their general fitness level while still remembering that fun is a part of the athletes’ sport experience.

It is highly encouraged that the individuals have taken the Instructor Intermediate workshop or have several years in the sport or a bow shop environment for technical skills prior to going directly into the Competition Stream.


There are Six (6) NCCP Multi-Sport Modules that are pre-requisites for this Stream.  They are offered through Alberta Sport Connection within the Province via the NCCP Workshop Calendar

  • Coaching and Leading Effectively
  • Managing Conflict
  • Leading Drug Free Sport
  • Psychology of Performance
  • Developing Athletic Abilities
  • Prevention and Recovery

Time Commitment: Excluding the pre-requisite courses, approximately 1.5-2 Years.  Competition Development has 2 weekend workshops that are scheduled one (1) year apart, and subsequent portfolio requirements to Certify.

Cost: Varies, estimate $2500.00 for pre-requisites, workshops, and out-of-province travel expenses.  Depending on the year and number of interested coaches there is funding available from Archery Alberta budgets & grants to assist coaches with these costs; contact the Coaching Coordinator for more information.


NCCP Course Materials