Ongoing Professional Development


This page provides additional information and is geared more to Certified Coaches or those Coaches coming back into Active Status after a break away from the Sport.  A working knowledge of The Locker after being introduced at your weekend workshop is beneficial. Please spend time exploring the various entries.


If you were previously ‘Certified’ under the old NCCP Levels System for Archery, please contact the Coaching Coordinator.  They will confirm your ‘Transferred’ status with you and walk you through the requirements to get you ‘Certified’ under the current Stream system. 

At the very minimum this typically means taking the Making Ethical Decisions Course, but for some this requires them re-taking the weekend workshop. Each case is unique.


Alberta Winter Games

Alberta Winter Games | Alberta Sport

This archery event occurs every two (2) years in even years (Feb 2020, Feb 2022, etc.).  Presently the technical package identifies Certified Instructor Beginner at a minimum, preference to Instructor Intermediate Coaches as we build capacity in all Zones.  Archery Alberta conducts a “Call for Applications” the Spring before the Games occurs for Coaches, Zone Representatives, and Team Managers. (Example: March 4th, 2019 Application Deadline for the 2020 Games).  More information is available underneath Archery Alberta specific Alberta Winter Games page.

Arctic Winter Games

This archery event was trialed in March 2020, further participation of Archery in this event will be depending upon the success of the trial.  Coaches MUST reside North of the 55th Parallel to be eligible.  Certified Instructor Beginner at a minimum is required, preference to Instructor Intermediate Coaches. A Call for Applications will occur if this event is offered again.

Canada Winter Games

This archery event occurs every four (4) years in odd years (Feb 2019, Feb 2023, etc.).  Presently the technical package identifies Certified Competition Development.  Archery Alberta conducts a “Call for Applications” the Spring two (2) Years prior to the Games to enable the Coach to design the Team Selection Requirements (Example: March 1, 2017 Application Deadline for the 2019 Games).   The Team Coach recruits the Team Manager.

Alberta Junior Development Camp

This camp has been offered in opposite years to Alberta Winter Games and is targeted for youth in those age groups and development levels.  It is rotated throughout the province for the benefit of all AWG Zones (started 2013 in Lac La Biche, 2015 Picture Butte, 2017 Red Deer, 2019 St Paul, 2021 Central AB rotation). Coaches are recruited to help give sport specific mini presentations to archers and work with the larger group on form feedback and shooting diagnosis.  Please contact the Coaching Coordinator if you are interested in assisting with this event.

Team Alberta

Please contact the Archery Alberta Executive if you are interested in being involved as a Coach with Team Alberta (High Performance).  Must be Instructor Intermediate at a minimum, with preference towards Competition Development to bring us into alignment with other provinces.

TOP Camps

These camps are held in the fall around Canada and are situated where archers in the TOP program are identified.  Keep an eye out on the Archery Canada page, and subsequent postings by host locations to have archers and coaches attend.  Calgary was a host location in Fall 2019.

Team Canada

Archery Canada posts opportunities for individuals to be Team Managers or Coaches for various (International) Camps.  Keep an eye on the Archery Canada News posts on their website for these opportunities in the Fall to apply on opportunities for the upcoming year as they will vary.

Example: 2020 Call for Applications


Please review the information available on Coaching Association of Canada website.  Most information is covered there in detail. Maintenance of Certification

Instructor of Beginner Coaches: easily maintain Certification by keeping current on First Aid and documenting their Active Coaching status.

Instructor of Intermediate Archers and Competition Coaches: in addition to the above keep an eye on The Locker during National Coaches Week towards the end of September for additional online courses that come available or are made free to Coaches to assist with their development.  PD credits are also available for Development Camps or AWG/CWG Team Meetings depending on if the organizers have registered the event with Coaching Association of Canada.

COACH DEVELOPERS (Learning Facilitators & Coach Evaluators)

If you are interested in helping to deliver Coach Workshops for Archery Alberta please contact the Coaching Coordinator for more information.  Interested individuals will need to be Certified at the Stream they would like to deliver, be willing to take additional weekend courses, and coordinate at least one workshop per year for the province.